Tips for your Easter Holiday in Tuscany

During March, days are getting each day longer and the sun is already pleasantly warm. If you have the opportunity to enjoy the heat of the sun in a protected angle, you may get off your jacket and jumper. This year, Easter is quite early, on the first weekend of April, the ideal period to [...]

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Wunderschön – südliche Toskana

On Sunday, 26th April, 2015 the public German television channel WDR (part of the ARD) will show from 8.15 until 9.45 p.m. CET a documentary about southern Tuscany. The programme is called "Wunderschön" (engl. wonderful) and has been broadcasted for more than 10 years. Every Sunday evening, one of the three presenters will show another [...]

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Typical Specialities for Carnival in Tuscany

Right after the last Christmas festivities with the befana on 6th January you will find everywhere at Confectioner's and the baker's the typical carnival's specialities. The most famous of all these specialities are the Cenci, rectangular fried and with sugar dusted  pastry stripes. Cencio means floorcloth, which comes maybe from their  form. Locally, these crispy [...]

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Carnival in Tuscany

The most famous carnival in Tuscany is the Carnevale di Viareggio. Every year during each carnival Sunday there are thousands of visitors from all over Italy and the world who are coming to view the the carnival in the Tuscan seaside resort. However, many Tuscan towns have introduced their own carnival. After Viareggio, the two [...]

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Grosseto and the Maremma Tuscany

The Province of Grosseto is situated in the southern part of Tuscany and is the largest province. The area between the sea and the mountains is called Maremma that derives from the Spanish word marismas, marsh. From north, right before the seaside resort of Follonica, on the border of the Province of Livorno, the province [...]

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Pisa and the leaning tower

The Province of Pisa borderes north with the Province of Lucca, whereas south-east it borderes with the Provinces of Florence and Siena. The south-west border is occupied by the Province of Livorno and the south-east border by the Province of Grosseto. People visiting the leaning tower in Piazza dei Miracoli Pisa From the [...]

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The Town of Livorno

The Province of Livorno starts just a few kilometres north of Livorno and is extending for about 100 km south until reaching Follonica. This stretch of coast is also called Etruscan Coast because of the numerous Etruscan settings. The most important seaside resorts are Castiglioncello, Quercianella, Donoratico, Bibbona, Populonia and Piombino. Part of this Province [...]

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Timelapse Video Landscape Tuscany

Klaus Stern, the author of this video has used more than 50,000 frames to make this stunning documentary of the landscape in Tuscany.  The timelapse technique consists in shooting photos in prefixed intervals, assembling them together gives the movement effect. The video was made with Canon EOS 5D and EOS 5D Mark2 during the months of May, July [...]

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The Town of Arezzo

The Province of Arezzo is a province quite different from all the other provinces in Tuscany. One reason is certainly its geogrphical position towards north-east, between the Casentino, the Val di Chiana and the Valtiberina, far, nearly isolated from the other provinces, on the border to the Marks and Umbria. Another reason that makes Arezzo [...]

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