Italian Holidays

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The most important holidays in Italy are:

  • 1 January (New Year’s Day)
  • 6 January Befana (Epiphany)
  • Lunedí di Pasqua (Easter Monday)
  • 25 April Liberazione (Anniversary of Liberation)
  • 1. May (Labor Day)
  • 2 June Festa della Repubblica (Foundation of the Italian Republic)
  • 24 June Festa di San Giovanni (St. John’s Day, Florence only)
  • 29 June Festa di San Pietro e Paolo (St. Peter and St. Paul’s Day, Rome only)
  • 15 August Ferragosto (Assumption day) and main period when all Italians are for their summer holiday on the coast
  • 1 November Tutti Santi (All Saint’s Day)
  • 8 December Immacolata Concezione (Immaculate Conception)
  • 25 Dezember Natale (Christmas Day)
  • 26 Dezember Santo Stefano (St. Stephen’s Day)
As you could already see from the above list, there are also some regional holidays as well as holidays in certain towns (such as Florence or Rome). It is quite useful to know these days, especially if one books a weekend or a tour to these places, as shops might be closed or it could be that room prices are higher. Before and directly afterwards important holidays one will find lots of traffic on the roads and one should take this into consideration.