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You can view the timetable, trains, prices online ( Trenitalia). Many airports such as Pisa and Florence have very good connections with the train station. Many smaller train stations have only automatic ticket machines or are opened for ticket sale during rush hour. Nearly each train station also has a tabacchi, where it is possible to purchase train tickets that are valid for a determined number of kilometres. Before getting on the train, please do not forget to stamp the ticket at a yellow machine you’ll find on each platform. You can view the trains online. For the airport Roma Fiumcino outside Rome, please insert only Fiumicino. The train arrives directly in the airport.
In towns one can easily move by public means such as busses. Usually it is possible to buy the tickets at a tabacchi, where they also cost less instead of if you’re going to buy them directly on the bus. You must stamp the tickets inside of the bus in a yellow/orange machine. They are only valid for one ride or a limited time (often 1 h), that is: if you’re taking the bus from Pisa station to the leaning tower (Piazza dei Miracoli) you can’t use the ticket for your back ride. The Pisa airport is only 5 minutes from the train station away. The Pisamover runs every ten minutes behind the train station and in front of the airport.
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