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Weather and Climate

The climate can differ completely in Tuscany, from area to area. The weather is influenced by the sea (west) and from the mountains, the Appenins north and east. The climate of the Tuscan coast is a typical Mediterran climate with an average temperature on the north coast of 15°C  that, continuing towards south, will increase gradually. The average temperature in Tuscany in January is around 8-10°C, with minimum temperatures that rarely will reach zero or less. On the coast again, the temperatures will be higher, around 15°C during the day. The coldest area are the Apuan Alps in northern Tuscany, where temperatures can be also under zero. The average temperature in Tuscany during summer is around 23-25 °C. Generally one can say that in July there are less clouds, whereas the winter months, from November until February are quite rainy.

Climatic areas

Considering temperatures and days of rain, Tuscany can be subdivided into 3 climatic areas:

  • Coast: Mediterranean climate with temperatures that rarely will reach temperatures below zero, with two summer months of extreme drought. This area goes from Livorno towards South.
  • The Hinterland with Submediterranean climate.
  • The mountains with a moderately fresh climate.