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Along the Coast in Tuscany there are several bathing establishments and so called free beaches Spiagge Libere with access for wheelchair users. It might be easy to understand for a foreigner if there is the international blue sign with a white wheelchair and like in English, in Italian there are manifold ways to express this, such as:

  1. Accesso per Disabili (Access for Disabled)
  2. Accesso per Diversamente Abili (Access for differently abled people)
  3. Senza Barriere (without barriers)
  4. etc. etc.

Following you will find a list of Tuscan “free” beaches and bathing establishments along the Tuscan coast, listed by provinces and towns, starting from North towards South. If you know other beaches that are not part of the list or would like to add some further information, feel free to contact us: info@toskana.net . Please not that the season in Italy goes usually from June until mid September. If you are searching for wheelchair accessible accommodations in Tuscany, you might click here.

Province of Massa Carrara (Versilia)


  • Marina di Carrara:
    In the exclusive seaside resort Marina di Carrara, in Versilia Tuscany, there are several bathing establishments offering disabled access:
    1. Alcione Beach, Viale Vespucci 80, Telefon +39 0585 78 81 04
    2. Bagno Auroria, Viale Amerigo Vespucci 10, Tel. +39 0585 63 33 20
    3. Public (free) Beach Fossa Maestra with wheelchair accessible toilets and showers
    4. Stabilimento Balneare Stella del Mare,  Viale Colombo 68 54036 Marina di Carrara (MS) – Tel. +39 0585 785190, Riccardo Mobile:+39 338 1600041.
  • Marina di Massa:
    In the exclusive seaside resort Marina di Massa, in Versilia Tuscany, there are these wheelchair accessible beaches:
    1. Bagno Asciutti, Via Lungomare di Ponente 46, 540367 Marina di Massa (MS) +39 0585 242392
    2. Bagno Ulderico, Lungomare Levante 30, Loc. Poveromo,  54037 Marina diMassa, Tel: +39 0585 240739


Province of Lucca

  • Lido di Camaiore
    1. Eugenia Beach , Viale Europa, 104 – 55041 Lido di Camaiore (LU) (here are also dogs allowed!!!)
  • Viareggio (Versilia):
    1. Bagno Balena 2000 , Passeggiata a Mare, Via Modena sn Tel. +39 058444045 info@b2k.it

Province of Pisa

  • Tirrenia
    1. Bagno Europa, Viale Tirreno 38,  56100 Tirrenia (PISA), Tel. +39 050 37074
    2. Bagno Imperiale, Via Belvedere 44, 56128 Tirrenia (Pisa), Tel. +39 050 37673
  • Marina di Pisa
    1. Arcobaleno, Via Litoranea 50, Marina di Pisa, Tel. +39 050 36 806
    2. Balena, Via Liotranea 28, Marina di Pisa, Tel. +39 050 35 086 luca.geo.pi@iol.it
    3. Bagno Vittoria, Via Litoranea 32 – 56128 – Marina di Pisa (PI), Mobil +39 338 2036579 – Tel. +39 050 35506, info@bagnovittoria.com
  • Calambrone
    Bagno Nirvana, Viale del Tirreno 92, Calambrone (Pisa), Tel. +39 050 37 042

Province of Livorno


  • Castagneto Carducci:
    1. Bagno Shangri, Viale Amerigo Vespucci, Marina di Castagneto Carducci, Tel. +39 0565 744058.
    2. Free beaches between Bagni Santa Lucia and the Hotel Il Tombolo and in front of Piazzale Magellano
  • Piombino
    Inside of the Nature Reserve Parco della Sterpaia, along the coast, surrounding the harbour town Piombino, there are several beaches indicated with wheelchair accessible:
    These are Carlappiano, Sterpaia, Mortelliccio, Il Pino. There are wooden gangways, thus wheelchair users can access to the beach from the parking through the pine wood and dunes (there are signs guiding). There are also special gangways to the sea of the bathing establishments Perelli 2, Perelli 3, Carlappiano, Mortelliccio, Carbonifera, Pappasole as well as the “free” beach Bosco Sterpaia.

Province of Grosseto

  • Follonica:
    1. In the seaside resort Follonica there are several beaches that might permit the access for wheelchair users to the beach: the first and most important one is Tangram, in the city center on the sea promenade, the Lungomare. Unfortunately there are no parkings directly in front of the entrance, but one can park near to Hotel Ausonia and from there it is easily to reach. There are special beach wheelchairs available and it is possible for the wheelchair user to move independently. This beach is also equipped for blind people. The Address is: Spiaggia Tangram Lungomare Italia 81, Follonica info@spiaggiatangram.it tel. +39 345 444 11 692. 

    2. The second beach is a “free Beach” (spiaggia libera), a public beach, where one might bring his own chairs etc. The city has bought some of the special beach wheelchairs that are available through Handy Superabile. This beach has also special gangways, thus the wheelchair user can reach the sea alone. This beach is in the northern part of the town in Pratoranieri. There are pubic showers and toilets for wheelchair users.

    3. Bathing Establishment Bagno Nettuno. It is possible to access with your own wheelchair until the water. Toilets are also wheelchair accessible. There are also available a special canoe and a special pedalo, to be used with the arms.  Address: Stabilimento Balnerare NETTUNO, Viale Italia 210, Pratoranieri, 58022 FOLLONICA (GR). Tel. +39 0566 2610 38; Mobile: +39 340 665 15 72.

    4. Bagno Ausonia is officially not an “accessible” bathing establishment, but according to some wheelchair users it is possible to reach it and they have wheelchair-friendly toilets. The beach is in a central position in Follonica, but you should note that the Tangram beach is only 5 minutes away. The same for Bagno Cerboli, also in Pratoranieri, Viale Italia 205, Follonica, Tel. 0566 42686 as well as the nearby Bagno Oasi, Tel./Fax: +39 0566 26 00 08, Mobil: +39 335 70 27 134, E-Mail: info@oasiristorantebagno.it

  • Marina di Grosseto:
    Moreno Beach with special beach wheelchairs and a special wheelchair for the shower. Moreno Beach Lungomare Leopoldo II di Lorena 101, Marina di Grosseto. Tel. +39 0564 34 176. E-Mail: info@morenobeach.it
  • Orbetello:
    Free beach inside of the nature reserve Dune della Feniglia. When you reach at the entrance gate (Corpo Forestale dello Stato) you must ring the bell. The reserved parking is right in front of the beach entrance. There is a gangway along the beach that is also reaching until the nearby bathing establishment (with bar!) La Tenda Gialla. More info under: Corpo Forestale dello Stato, Tel. +39 0566 40019