The town of Pistoia

The Province of Pistoia is situated between the Province of Lucca west, the Province of Prato east and the Province of Florence south. Pistoia, the capital of the Province was founded by the Romans in the 2nd century under the name of Pistorium.In the 12th century the town became an important trade centre, lending money to the [...]

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The history of Florence

The river Arno splits Florence, the capital of Tuscany into two parts. The gentle Florentine hills are bordering north with the descendants Appenines, east with the Pratomagno area and towards south with the Chianti mountains. Today Florence has about 450,000 inhabitants that mainly live from tourism, handicraft and industry, of which the most important one is [...]

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The Tuscan Wine Roads

The Chianti wine in the typical bottle, the so called fiasco and with the logo on which is doninating il gallo nero, the black cock, have been for years the symbols that represent Tuscany in the whole world. The origins of the Chianti Wine are already in the Etruscan times. In the Etruscan language clante meant [...]

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Historical Overview

Tuscany is situated within the heart of Italy. The region borders in the North with Liguria and the Emilia Romagna, in the East with Umbria and the Marches and in the South with the Latium. The name of the region has its origins in the Etruscan times. The Etruscans called this region Etruria, meaning in [...]

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