Casa Pisana countryside Suvereto TuscanyWithin the historic centre of the medieval village of Suvereto, in southern part of the Province of Livorno, about 15 minutes by car from the Sea in Maremma Tuscany, are situated La Piastraia.
La Piastraia has been producing high quality olive oil in the countryside of Suvereto for about a century. In the midst of these olive trees is located the antique farmhouse of the family called Casa Pisana. Here, about 1.5 km from the antiquie village, far away from noise, on the first floor is situated a charming holiday apartment offering comfortably space for 2 persons. On the ground floor of the house are located the oil cellar and a room especially equipped for tastings.
From the hills, where most part of the olive groves are placed, one can enjoy a marvellous view over the Val di Cornia (the valley of the river Cornia) until the sea and the Island of Elba.

Extra vergin olive oilIn the historic center of Suvereto, you shouldn't miss "Il Coppaio", the farm's oil shop and a kind of small family/olive oil museum, part of the dwelling-house of Orlando and Patrizia Pazzagli. The family is since ever one of the best olive oil producers of the area!

On the hills around Suvereto, where the olives are undoubtedly the queen of the landscape, the farm has a small building and the oil mill, where the delicious extra-vergin olive oil is pressed between October and November.
The oil combines the fascination of tradition, together with modernity in the transformation process and the new bottling technologies.

In the oil's taste and also in the image of "Piastraia" it is possible to make out the signs of the most genuine rural live in Tuscany that, at the same time recalls the life style of passed times and of a land, combining the quality of the environment together with the quality of the  product.
At sight, this "real Tuscan" presents the purity of a natural decantation with a good fluidity.

Il Coppaio - oil shop and museumIt has an intense yellow colour, but with reflections tending to a green colour. The nose receives scents of fresh grass. In the mouth it is initially spicy, slightly bitter, but with a smooth ending with the hint of an artichoke.

The village of Suvereto is dominating the river Cornia (therefore Val di Cornia) takes its name from "Querce di Sughero" (engl. cork tree), of which this area was rich. It is about 10 minutes by car from Venturina, about 20 minutes from Populonia/Gulf of Baratti, San Vincenzo and Massa Marittima away, as well as 25 minutes from Follonica. In the beginning of the 9th century, the bishop's seat was transferred from Populonia to Suvereto, followed by Massa Marittima; the village was also for a certain period feud of the potent Aldobrandeschi family. Even today, the historic centre is surrounded by the medieval town wall with several entrance gates. Inside, it seems as if time has stopped.

La Piastraia Via Cavour, 40 57028 Suvereto (Livorno), Tuscany
Tel.: +39 0565 829846 +39 335 56 17 486 Fax: +39 0565 828196
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