Torre delle Cannelle - Parco Naturale della Maremma - Talamone ToskanaThe watch tower Torre delle Cannelle is situated along the southern coast in Tuscany within the wildlife reserve of the Parco Naturale della Maremma, about 4 km from Talamone.
The tower, in a Spanish style, is dating back to the 16th century, today transformed in villa, far away from traffic and residential quarters. Torre delle Cannelle is embedded in the beautiful nature of the Maremma Tuscany, on a cliff over the sea. This unspoilt countryside with a mild climate is characterized by gentle hills, marshes, pinewoods, cultivated fields, pastures, long natural sand beaches and cliffs.

History - Parco Naturale della Maremma - ToskanaDuring the 10 and 14th century, the Maremma was always contested by the Aldobrandeschi counts and the Sienese.
The continuous disputes induced to a gradual impoverishment of the country and as a consequence, the population and public security dropped. Therefore, between the 15th and 18th century, piracy grew along the coast, not only attacking ships, but also the inhabitants of the continent. In order to defend themselves by the pirates, it was adopted the system of watch towers, already used by the Romans. However, during the Sienese domination, only a few watch towers were built.

Torre delle CannelleOnly in 1532, under the Spanish rule, Don Pedro di Toledo, second King of Naples, decided to build a net of watch towers for defence along the coast. The towers were about 15 metres high and approximately 3 miles one to the other distant. In general they were quite small, because they were not used for defence and also weren't attacked. There was normally just one guard.
The architectonic style of the towers was always the same: square, entirely built in stone, basement in shoe-form, terrace roof and surrounded by a boundary wall. The entrance was always on the protected side, which is towards the mainland; the only openings were small slits for the guards. - Spiaggia Naturale ad Alberese - Parco Naturale della MaremmaIn 1737, after the Spanish occupation, power was assumed by the Lorene's. They started with the complete re-organization of the inefficacious army, adapting to the Austrian model, occupying every tower with gunners and soldiers. Later on, in order to limit costs, Peter Leopold started with the disarmament and the sale of the fortresses. From his point of view, the towers were useless and too expensive for the economy of the Grand Duchy. These restrictive measures were so fatal that he had to escape from the Bourbons to Austria.
Even today we find on the Maremma coast 12 of the watch towers built by the Spanish.

Vista lungo la costa maremmana da Torre delle CannelleThe watch tower Torre delle Cannelle together with four other watch towers - those of Poggio Raso, Capo d'Uomo, Mulinaccio and of Talamonaccio - had the job to defend the Bay of Talamone.
The construction of Torre delle Cannelle is to determine around the year 1565. After the rule of the Bourbon's, most of the towers became ruins. In fact, in the Leopoldine land register of 1824 is written that the conditions of torre delle Cannelle are worst. In the 20th century, the tower was changed into a seaside residence. Today it is a unique place, on a cliff above the sea. Here it is possible to pass an unforgettable holiday in the peacefulness of the unspoilt Parco Naturale della Maremma.

Torre Delle Cannelle Loc. Cannelle 58010 Talamone (Grosseto), Tuscany
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