Villa Dievole - Vagliagli Siena Chianti ClassicoVilla Dievole is situated about 12 km north-east from  Siena, 56 km south-east from Florence and about 1 km from the small village Vagliagli, in the heart of the Chianti Classico. More than 400 ha of farmland, composed of woods, hills covered with vineyards, olive groves and typical Chiant farmhouses. Some of the farmhouses, in particular those that are composing the centre of Dievole, have been changed into comfortable suites or luxury countrystyle apartments. At the guest's disposal also two panoramic swimming pools in the park and a restaurant, where it is possible to taste the typical Chianti cuisine, accompanied by Dievole wines, as well as a brand-new wine bar with terrace, where modern minimalism style and Tuscan traditions were combined perfectly.


Villa Dievole - Wine CellarsDievole can look back an a very antique history! Dievole (probably deriving from "dio vuole" that is god will), was founded in the far eleventh century, more precisely, on May 10, 1090, when two brothers paid two capons, three leaves of bread and six silver coins for the promise of the divine: a vineyard of Dieulele - the divine valley.
In the middle ages, Dievole was residence of a Nobile Tuscan family that gave origin also to the villa, where today are located the more exclusive rooms and suites.

Villa Dievole - The "wine masters"Dievole underwent a drastic change between the fiftees until the end of the sixtees, when sharecropping was abandoned and most of the farmers fled form the countryside into the new, prosperous growing cities. In the course of the following years, numerous foreign investors bought the antique Tuscan holdings; between those also a German, Mario Felice Schwenn's father.
In 1986, at the age of only 21 years, Mario di Dievole became director of Dievole. He started to concentrate his main efforts on the producion of absolutely high quality wine. In 1989 was launched on the market the first Dievole Chianti Classico.

Villa Dievole - Novecento Classico RiservaOne year later, in 1990, exactly 900 years after the foundation of Dievole, followed the Novecento Chianti Classico Riserva. Besides the great Chianti wines, Dievole does also produce young wines, the Dievolino range (white, rosé and red wine) as well as some "Supertuscans".
A delicious Vin Santo, a kind of dry, elegant sherry, is obtained after years of refining in chestnut or cherry wood kets, whereas the grappa is made of the fresh Chianti Classico marcs, after the first pressing and finally is produced an extra vergin olive oil.
The picturesque centuries old wine cellars are situated underneath the villa. It is possible to visit them and to make there also very particular wine tastings.

Villa Dievole - One of the Restaurant roomsThe holiday accommodations that are existent today, have been prepared over years, step by step, when the demand of holiday on a farm in the Chianti countryside increased. People wanted and still want to discover this marvellous area and taste the products of this land. The villa was the first accommodation, followed by  Casa Dievolino and  Casa dell'Olivo (next to the small church) that, unless a few years ago, was used as hunting house. The last creation was "La Colombaia", the former dovecot, today changed into luxury countryhouse apartments. But as it seems, the transformation of Dievole still has not come to an end. Infact, as Mario di Dievole affirms: "One part of Dievole is older than 9 centuries. Another part still has to be created.". 

Villa Dievole 53010 Vagliagli (Siena), Tuscany
Tel.: +39 338 39 31 829
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