vacanze - Villa Rucellai - B&B Prato TuscanyThe VILLA RUCELLAI DI CANNETO is situated within a beautiful hilly position in the Valley of the river Bisenzio, 4 km outside of Prato
Prato is located in North Tuscany, about 20 km north-west from Florence. Nearby the triangle of Poggio a Caiano - Artimino - Carmignano (Medici villas, Etruscan escavations, wine), small villages as Vaiano (Abbey San Salvatore), Vernio and Montemurlo.
In less than one hour by car one can reach Pistoia (20 km), Lucca (60 km), Pisa (78 km), Montecatini (35 km) as well as the picturesque Versilian Coast (80 km). - Villa Rucellai - B&B Prato TuscanyAlso Arezzo (100 km), Siena (90 km), San Gimignano, Montalcino, to name only a few, are within easy reach.
The city of Prato itself, has a beautiful historical center that is worth being visited. In 1901, the famous German writer Hermann Hesse was already talking about Prato, the delicious biscotti di Prato (biscuits), also called cantuccini and the friendly people. 
The Villa Rucellai is one of the most important constructions within the surrounding area of Prato. According to historical reconstructions, in the course of the centuries the villa underwent various changes. - Villa Rucellai - B&B Prato TuscanyOriginally, the villa was only a fortified tower that was changed into a L-formed grand villa. It is impressive how the villa is well-inserted in the landscape of the Val di Bisenzio.
The fortified tower was built during the Middle Ages. Today it is still possible to see part of the belltower from the marvellous park as well from the entrance. In the 15th century, the tower was changed into a typical Tuscan master villa of rich people with a fish-breeding pond in front of the house. This pond was mentioned in the animal-tales by Agnolo da Firenzola, Abbot of the Abbey of San Salvatore at Vaiano. - Villa Rucellai - B&B Prato TuscanyIn the 1970's, the pond was changed into a swimming pool. In 1427, the Villa Rucellai was mentioned in the first land register of Florence as property of the Vinaccesi-family. They sold the estate in 1458 to Diotisalvi Neroni adviser of the son of Cosimo il Vecchio. He joined a conspiracy against the Medici in 1466 that failed. After that, the whole property was confiscated and purchased by Lorenzo Davanzati as a dowry for his daughter Titta.
She married Francesco Del Tovaglia. In the 16th century, the tower and the villa were connected to one unique renaissance building.
Even today, the villa has maintained the same appearance. In the part of the tower, today there is the entrance hall with typical 16th century vaults. The coat of arms of the Del Tovaglia is still above the main door to the park. - Villa Rucellai - B&B Prato TuscanyIn 1740, Girolamo de Pazzi became the owner of the villa. Through the marriage of his daughter Teresa Benvenuta with Giuseppe Rucellai, in 1759, the villa became property of the Rucellai family. Even today, it is still their property.
The Rucellai family lives in one part of the villa. The other part was changed into sober guest rooms and bathroom without altering the charme of the past centuries. It is also possible to rent parts of the villa for conferences, seminars, concerts, etc. The farm produces wine, olive oil, honey, jam, marmelade, fruit and vegetables.

B&B Villa Rucellai Di Canneto Via di Canneto, 16-18 59100 Prato (Prato), Tuscany
Tel.: +39 0574 46 03 92 Fax: +39 0574 46 77 48
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