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Holidays with your dog, useful tipps and dog beaches in Tuscany
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Accommodations, where pets are welcome:
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Useful information...

Dogs can infect themselves in Tuscany with a disease called Filariosi cardio-polmonare, communicated through the bite of a mosquito that is functioning as a vector. The heartworm disease can be discovered only with specific tests. Please inform yourself in time about necessary prophylaxis at your veterinary. 
In Italy you'll find all the products customary in trade like for example Pedigree, Eukanuba, Hills etc. at pet shops or sometimes also in huge supermarkets. Please inform yourself also about the international regulations, in force from the 1st of October 2004 and inform yourself what you need to bring in order to travel with your pet. Some tips what to think about when travelling with your pet.

Tips and dog beaches in Tuscany...

Dog beach near Punta AlaTravelling with a dog, unfortunately is not always easy. In Italy, many restaurants as well as holiday accommodations do not admit dogs. Therefore it is recommended to inform the accommodation or the restaurant before booking, that you are bringing a pet with you (maybe informing also about weight and breed). Many accommodations do accept dogs only on request and some also just one pet, in order to prevent problems between the pets and the disturbance of other guests. Even if dogs are allowed, in some accommodations you might not bring your dog with you to common areas, such as pool or restaurant. Therefore, inform yourself exactly before reservation. Also in many museums dogs are not permitted, even if carried in a bag.
From the year 1991 until 2009, from the Month of June until September, it was not allowed for dogs to access the beach (except for "dog beaches") and in case of infringement, there can be heavy fines. From the year 2002 on, the regulations are under the competence of the municipalities.
In October 2009, the Region of Tuscan has adopted a new law regarding the protection of animals. According to this regional law, dogs are permitted to access to public areas such as parks or free, public beaches. However, it is not sure if all public administrations have adhered to this law. There are a few municipalities such as Scarlino and Follonica, in southern Tuscany making their own local ordinances. Whereas Scarlino is opting for one, payable dog beach (on the right of the bridge at Puntone (next to the restaurant) and a free beach on the left of the bridge right in front of the campsite Baia dei Gabbiani, the city of Follonica has completely forbidden any access for dogs to public beaches, starting from the first of June and the weekend before until September. Dog owners have constituted a facebook group called
cani in spiaggia!!! trying to get as much members as possible in order to defend themselves against such an administrative negligence. People coming from every possible country, are invited to join this group to wake up the administrators, making them understand that things have changed and dogs have become real and proper 4footed family members that naturally are with us also on holiday and on the beach!

However, please inform yourself at the moment of reservation that there haven't been any changes. Most of the "dog beaches" (Spiaggie Riservate ai Cani) in Tuscany, until 2009 were indicated in general by signs with the writing Spiaggia Riservata ai Cani. These beaches were in general free beaches. It is always advisable to take a beach umbrella with you, in order to protect your friend from the heat of the sun and enough water, because the next bar might be far away. Some of the beaches are provided with special distributers of practical sets of plastic bags with a kind of "shovel" to remove excrements, even if it's best to take them always with you.

You'll find the following beaches along the coast in Tuscany until 2009:

  • Holiday does also mean fun for me... Calambrone (Pisa): the dog beach there is a piece of public beach, where it is possible to take your pets with you. Please note that this area is more well known for the industrial plants than for beaches.
  • Marina del Lago di Torre Puccini (PI): ca. 2 km of public beach.
  • Livorno: lungomare Ardenza
  • Isola d'Elba (LI): On Elba Island, the dog beach of Fonza at Campo nell'Elba, near Marina di Campo. It is possible to reach the beach through a dirt road of approx. 4 km.
  • Antignano (LI): some pieces along the beach.
  • Cecina 2 dog beaches, one south of Cecina, the other north of Cecina (Fosso Nuovo and Gorette). Another dog beach can be found behind the residence "La Cecinella".
  • Marina di Bibbona/Cecina Mare (LI): along the nature reserve between Marina di Bibbona and Marina di cecina.
  • Marina di Castagneto Carducci (LI): driving towards Marina di Castagneto, at the beginning, there is a roundabout, where you should turn right and follow always the signs "Spiaggia per cani". The beach is outside Marina di Castagneto (towards north, continuing along the see). There is a well-kept parking (not free), from where on reaches the beach in 5 minutes. The dog beach remains on the right-hand side. On a sign is written that it is necessary to take the vaccination booklet with you. (information referring to July 2007).
  • Tutti al mare: through the pine wood to reach the dog beachSan Vincenzo (LI): "Dog Beach", situated on the road from San Vincenzo towards Piombino. 800 m after the sign "San Vincenzo", along the road. It is possible to park along the road. Half of the beach is public, the other part is with beach umbrellas and sun beds that can be rented. During August and on weekends it is adviceable to book in advance; tel.: Luca 0039 393 9658548 - Alessandro 0039 393 9527912).
  • Golfo di Baratti (LI): along the Gulf of Baratti, a very small beach (left-hand side) between the San Cerbone church and the boat slipway, along the road leading to Baratti/Populonia. Maybe one plus might be the green right behind the beach, but adiacent to the road.
  • Piombino (LI): Spiaggia Bernardini, the rock underneath Villa Hermite.
  • Perelli 1 (LI): coming from Riotorto/Follonica, Perelli 1 is situated after Perelli 2 e 3 driving always towards Piombino. Coming from Piombino, one can see the sign "Perelli 1", whereas from Riotorto, there is no specific sign, therefore you should turn 600 m after petrol station total left (sign Centro Ittico Falesia). It is possible to park along the road or to continue on the road; after the bridge there is a covered parking, with a cost of EUR 1/h or EUR 4 for the whole day. To reach the dog beach, before the bridge continue straight on along the river and at the end turn right. There you can see the beautiful, approx. 1 km long sand beach. Already at the beginning there is a sign, written in Italian that pets such as dogs and cats are allowed but should be held by the leash. The sea is beautiful, crystal clear water and also ideal for children. The beach itself is well-kept with lots of wastpaper baskets, cleaned and emptied every day. (information referring to July 2007). Latest News from a friendly, local reader, March 2008: from season 2008 on, there will be 2 brand-new bathing establishments right at the beginning of Perelli 1. Therefore, pets and their owners need to go a bit further.
  • Really hot, but the nice and fresh water massage helps a lot...Follonica/Scarlino (GR): From Follonica, continuing on the coastal road, towards Puntone/Castiglione della Pescaia, right before the campsite Baia dei Gabbiani, at the kite surf beach (SurfRelax) it is possible to take your dog with you to the public beach. You can park your car in front of the pinewood in the parking. Please be aware that along the main road, even if there are parking a lot of cars, in some parts it is not permitted to leave the car. Where it is permitted, you should leave your car inside of the white lines. (Info Comune di Follonica 2008)
  • Punta Ala: along the road that takes to Punta Ala; at a certain point you'll find a sign with the writing "Spiaggia Riservata ai Cani". Please park your car in one of the ufficial parking lots (it's adviseable not to leave the car along the road even if there might be parked other cars); walk then through the shady pine wood to the beach.
  • Marina di Grosseto (GR): coming from Castiglione della Pescaia towards Marina di Grosseto, after the Campiste "Le Marze", you'll see on your left a parking in the pine wood. If this parking is full, you can continue, where until a huge parking, always on the left, next to a restaurant. Cross the road and walk (about 10 min. walk) through the pine wood until reaching the beach (Spiaggia per animali di Compagnia). It is a beautiful huge sand beach with lots of space.

Some of the above mentioned beaches, were personally visited and tested. If you got to know other beaches or have seen changes, please let us know.

Buone Vacanze! does not assume any liability about the correctness and topicality for the above given information.

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